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About All Abilities Therapy Group

All Abilities Therapy Group is a mobile occupational therapy practice based in Louisville, KY that specializes in pediatric occupational therapy and hand therapy. Dedicated to providing exceptional outpatient level occupational therapy services in the most beneficial environments for your child. We work hard to involve parents and other caregivers in the occupational therapy sessions to promote the greatest learning environment for everyone and promote the fastest growth in your child by surrounding them with a team of support both during and after therapy sessions. We focus on the growth and journey through play to promote the greatest functional gains for your child.



  • What is Occupational Therapy?

    Occupational therapy focuses on helping your child develop and achieve skills they will need to advance to the next stage in their life, while also preparing them for adulthood and functional independence through play and child-centered treatment.
  • Do you take insurance?

    Currently accepting Anthem, Humana, KY Medicaid, KY Passport, and offer competitive private pay options.
  • What do therapy sessions focus on, what can we help you with?

    Sessions can focus on the following:● Cognitive development● Learning basic developmental tasks (such as dressing, bathing, hygiene, and feeding)● Fine motor and gross motor development● Attention● Visual skill development● Handwriting● Balance● Strength● Emotional and sensory regulation● Social skill development● Play skill development● Hand and upper extremity therapy
  • Where are sessions provided?

    Services are provided in the most beneficial environments for your child. They are provided in-home, daycare, and other community settings focused on teaching your child and their caregivers the skills needed to achieve their optimal functional abilities and level of independence.

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Pediatric Occupational & Hand Therapy

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